Make It Happen

In addition to the framework lesson plans, here are several supporting documents that help us keep everything running smoothly. Make your own copies and adjust as necessary.

Real Talk Schedule

Discussion Schedule

We use this to fill in our dates and topics as we choose them.

Real Talk Teen Leader Application

Teen Leader Application

We use this to recruit and evaluate prospective teen leaders.

Real Talk Teen Leader Contract

Teen Leader Contract

We use this to make sure teens understand what they’re agreeing to once they’ve been selected to be leaders. Of particular note: We have each teen leader identify one personal goal for the year and support them in their work to achieve it.

Real Talk Evaluation

Teen Leader Evaluation

We use this to be mindful of the professional skills we’re trying to build.

Real Talk Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

We use this to guide planning meetings.

Four Corners Signs

Four Corners Signs

Four Corners is one of our most popular activities. We’re constantly reprinting these signs. So here’s an easy batch!