Open. Close. Transition.

By the time the school year is over, Real Talk attendees have been through a lot together. We've learned a lot about each other. We've had unique experiences together. Some teens might be graduating. Some teen trainees might be on the cusp of becoming next year's teen leaders. So to conclude the Real Talk year, we hold a culminating event that pulls all of our conversations together. Then we send off our seniors in style and welcome next year's teen leaders.

Culture Walk

This high stakes cross-the-line game is a final opportunity for teens to open up and talk about their lives and their challenges, to see and recognize what peers have been through, and to reflect on the conversations we've had over the year.

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Senior Toast

To send the seniors into the next phase of their lives and welcome new teens into our Real Talk leader roles, we let our non-seniors toast (and occasionally roast) the seniors in attendance one by one.

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