Millis Digital Learning

Cyber Safety in Millis!

Check out the amazing cyber safety resources we are providing for our Millis Learning Community! Learn how to set up security in various apps, understand what apps do, and more!

Request Apps and Online Tools

Use your Millis Google login to visit the Millis Schools Digital Product Library to see which apps and websites are approved for use. Search for a tool, and use the request form to request a tool that isn't listed there.

You may also search the Student Data Privacy Consortium database to see if a tool is approved for use in other school districts. Once a vendor has signed a data privacy agreement with one district, is is generally easy for us to get a signed agreement.

Millis uses LearnPlatform to curate digital learning tools. Use your Millis Google login to access our Millis Digital Product Library This library is where you'll be able to see which tools and sites have been approved for use in Millis. There are several factors that are considered prior to approving tools and sites for use with students, including student data privacy and alignment with Millis Schools curricular goals.

Learn more about Millis Schools efforts to promote effective use of digital learning resources and data.

What is SSO?

Single Sign-On, also known as SSO, is a process to streamline how students and staff sign into the many digital applications that we use for teaching and learning. The product that we are implementing is called Rapid Identity SSO (RI SSO), and it also helps with rostering the many learning applications that we use in Millis Schools. From the Tech Team’s point of view, it is also a tremendous security boost for our network infrastructure.

SSO Login Page:

Visit our SSO Information and Updates page to learn more and follow our implementation progress!