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Important Announcements

Course registration will be May 10, 2023 at 1:15 - 2pm

Please report to the Library

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You will be registering for Summer (if applicable) and Fall courses

What is the Journey to Leeward?

We are sharing information about a relatively new opportunity for our underclassmen.  This opportunity is for any student who is interested in attending Leeward Community College (or any UH system school) after they graduate from Mililani High School.  As part of Mililani High School's  Vision to provide meaningful experiences to foster critical and creative thought, collaboration, and college and career readiness for all students, we are creating a 4-year pathway that will help students get a head start towards a college degree at any UH system school.  

Students who participate in this journey will have the opportunity to develop essential college and career readiness skills during their first year of high school, which will help prepare them for participation in early college course opportunities through Leeward Community College.  Students would be enrolled in a study skills class during their Freshmen year to help prepare them for early college courses.  These students will then have the opportunity to participate in dual credit courses on the Mililani High School campus.  Dual credit courses means that students will earn both high school and college credits (they will be enrolled as college students at Leeward CC); all while remaining on Mililani High School's campus.  Students will not have to travel to Leeward Community College to attend these classes.  Many of these courses would be part of their regular school day, but some course offerings may be offered during the summer as well.    

As early college program participants, students would have the opportunity to earn actual college credits.  These college credits are transferrable to most colleges and universities nation wide.  

Journey to Leeward Parent Information for new students & parents

If you are interested in this program, please view the slide deck below. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us! 

Parent Newsletter:  Spring 2022 Newsletter 

Enrollment Form:

If you have viewed the Parent information in our newsletter and would like to proceed with enrollment, please complete the enrollment form linked above.  You can email the last page that is designated for Mililani High School to us at

  Please don't forget to complete the form and provide a signature and date.  You can also drop off your physical copy at the front office during normal business hours. 

The Journey to Leeward is not a part of the normal registration process.  If students are interested in this opportunity, registration will be through the Journey to Leeward coordinator.  MHS will make necessary course changes for students during the Spring Semester. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jeni Miyahira:

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