Technology for Every Student

Milan High School's Vision

Every Milan High School student will be issued a device that allows them to connect, communicate, think critically, and create so that they are equipped with technological and academic skills needed to be prepared for their future plans and to compete on a global scale.

Connect: Provide each student with equitable access to the internet and the skills needed to locate and decipher credible and valid resources for the purposes of exploration, research, and problem-solving.

Communicate: Provide students with a platform for teacher-to-student and peer-to-peer discussion and questioning allowing additional opportunities to share ideas on classroom content, current events, and global issues.

Critical Thinking: Provide students with meaningful problem-based assignments allowing opportunities to design solutions, explore new and emerging ideas, and develop foundational skills in analysis and evaluation.

Create: Provide students with software and web-based tools that allow them to elevate schoolwork to a professional level including the production of documents, multimedia presentations, complex projects, and industry-specific inventions.

From the Milan Mirror Exchange

May 21, 2019