Games at Jervis Library

Unplug & Play Game Night

Once a month, the library offers a night of fun where participants can "unplug" (put down their electronics) and play board games with live opponents. Participants can bring their own games or choose from the upstairs Unplug & Play game cart or the downstairs circulating game collection—check one out and bring it upstairs to the auditorium! Hope to see you there!

For more information, click Unplug & Play at the top of the page.

Circulating Games

The circulating game collection is now a robust collection of 130+ games and growing, split between two collections:

  • Family Games (appropriate for ages 7 and younger) in the Children's Room

  • All Other Games next to the stairs by the Information Desk

For more information, click Circulating Games at the top of the page.

Upcoming Events

Unplug & Play Tabletop Gaming

Unplug & Play is held on the first Wednesday (new) and third Tuesday of each month from 5–8pm in the library auditorium. Look for announcements on the library's Facebook page and on the Facebook group page of the CNY Tabletop Games Society.

Upcoming 2022 dates: 11/2, 11/15, 12/7, 12/20

Mahjong for Beginners

Wednesday, November 30, 5-7pm

Tuesday, December 27, 5-7pm


Learn how to play Mahjong! We'll talk about the differences between Mahjong sets and rules and learn how to play the Hong Kong variant. If you want to read the Hong Kong rules ahead of time, we'll be using Tom Sloper's excellent FAQ

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Spotlight Game


Game Designer: Elizabeth Hargrave

Publisher/Year: AEG 2021

Number of Players: 2-5

For ages: 14 and up

Duration: 45 minutes


(game description from

"Every spring, millions of monarch butterflies leave Mexico to spread out across eastern North America. Every fall, millions fly back to Mexico. However, no single butterfly ever makes the round trip.

"Mariposas is a game of movement and set collection that lets players be part of this amazing journey.

"Mariposas is played in three seasons. In general, your butterflies try to head north in spring, spread out in summer, and return south in fall. The end of each season brings a scoring round, and at the end of fall, the player with the most successful family of butterflies — i.e., the most victory points — wins the game."

Mariposas is part of the Circulating Game Collection and is will be available for check out in November.

Spotlight Games are displayed in the Unplug & Play display case, next to the Circulating Games collection, near the Information Desk. Look for a new game every month!

Get more information about this and other games at

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