Supporting Middleton Athletics

Who we are: The Cardinal Booster Club is a parent-based organization that provides support for the student-athlete both on and off the field. Our board of directors has representatives for all athletic teams.

Our members: With a Membership of 1000+ families and growing, we have an extensive network that extends beyond Middleton High School to the Middleton/Cross-Plains communities and Dane County.

What we do: The organization supports all MHS sports teams and coaches, and all money raised goes to the athletic programs. We raise money through fundraisers, concession sales, and membership.

Learn more about our fundraising programs and how you can get involved:

Each year, the Cardinal Booster club raises more than $100,000 that is used by the 28 sports teams and athletic programs for equipment, uniforms, supplies, professional training, and more. As a parent-volunteer organization, over 95% of the funds we raise go directly back into supporting our successful sports teams.


Thank you Booster Club Sponsors