November 21st

Midd Marathon

10am to 2pm


Thats $100 Per Mile :)

A student-organized marathon with the goal of making long-term systemic changes to end hunger and malnutrition in dignified ways for Vermonters of all ages.

About The Nonprofit

"Hunger Free Vermont is leading a campaign to bring universal school meals to every public school in Vermont. We believe that every student in Vermont should be able to eat breakfast and lunch at school with no additional charge to their families."
Watch this short video to understand their work!

ANYONE Can Join!

Malick and Youness will run 26.2 miles at a 9-minute pace

JOIN for ANY segment: we will be running as ONE group :)


Fill out this FORM TO RUN:

The Route!

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You Can Join For:

The After Party! šŸ„³

We will have celebrations in the McCollough tent/lawn. Donuts will be provided!

We will also be joined by a representative from Hunger Free Vermont who will share a few words about the nonprofit.