Transition Educator Resources

A variety of resources collected by and for educators supporting transition students.

Brought to you by Oregon's Transition Technical Assistance Network (TTAN)

Mission of this project

This website is meant to be a place for transition educators to find resources to support student learning online or in person.

New Material POSTED most MONDAYS

NEW informational interviews for PreETS & College Disability Services - found in Community Partners & Agency Videos

NEW Alternatives to Guardianship resources, including links to resources in a variety of languages - found in Self Determination & Communication

NEW Archive Page - as we update this website we will be moving some material to the Archive. For example we are moving most Covid-19 lessons and materials to this page. Don't worry! We won't delete any of the materials!


  • Career Exploration

  • Work Evaluations

  • Interest Inventories

  • Online Certificiations

  • Employment Lessons

Education &/or Training

  • College Resources

  • Equity Education Resources

  • Training Resources

  • Education and/or Training Lessons

Independent Living

  • Independent Living

  • Finance and Budgeting

  • Recreation & Exercise

  • Virtual Field Trips

  • Healthcare

  • Independent Living Lessons

  • Self Advocacy

  • Social Communication

Community Partners & Agency Videos

  • State Agencies

  • Mental Health Agencies

  • Regional Agencies & Info

  • Agency Interview Videos

Other Resources

  • OnLine Teaching & Learning

  • PreETS

  • Oregon Transition Handbook 2018-2019

  • Planning My Way to Work (available soon)

  • YTP

  • Oregon Transition Podcast

Contact Information

  • TNFs

  • PreETS Coordinators

  • PreETS/TNF Support Specialists

  • State Level Supports & Leadership

Things to consider when using this website:

  1. Much of this website is designed to follow the transition page of the IEP.

  2. Each page has age appropriate transition assessments embedded within.

  3. You will need to make your own copy of any Google docs to edit/adapt to your needs.