CTE Pathways

Career & Technical Education at Maloney High School

Have you explored your CTE Pathway at Maloney?


Opportunities to understand the manufacturing process working with a variety of raw and recycled materials highlighting wood, metals, and plastics. Emphasis is placed on enhancing the students’ knowledge and use of machine tools to produced finished products.

Learn how to use computer systems to assist in the creation and modification of a design. There are a variety of hand-on courses offered to build students' knowledge of technology and how it's used to increase the productivity of a designer, and improve the quality of the design.

Explore a variety of digital basics including scanning, digital photography, editing all while learning the most successful methods for preparing and designing media for the internet. This pathway also provides the opportunity to learn about the theory of video production and studio skills.


Increase your understanding of a child's development and behavior from age one through school age. Students will examine influences that affect various areas of development. College level course are offered allowing students to explore creative art experiences, infant/toddler growth & development, and health safety & nutrition.

Focus is on food preparation, safe and sanitary work practices, meal planning and nutrition. More advanced courses are available; students explore a variety of career opportunities and cultures from around the world.


Learn the basics of business and survival skills all people need to be informed citizens and consumers. Business Pathway courses provide students with a strong foundation as they prepare for plans after graduation. Courses include Introduction to Business, Business Management, Personal Finance, Law & Legal System and Advanced Computer Applications 1 & 2.

Students will create financial goals, track income and spending and develop personal budgets to learn how to plan their own personal finances while exploring the basics of business. The Finance track will help students prepare for a variety of business majors in college.

Study concepts that include the nature, scope and techniques of selling and learn how to understand client opportunities and employability skills. Students in advanced marketing courses will have the opportunity to develop a marketing plan in support of their own business.


Learn the basic nursing concepts, theories and medical terminologies in this pathway. Students who take the Medical Careers 2 course will have the opportunity to earn their Nursing Assistant Certification and Registration for the State of Connecticut.

Personalized Learning Experiences

Maloney High School now offers Personalized Learning Experiences (PLE) which allow students to customize their educational program to pursue areas of interest or investigate a career outside of the traditional classroom setting. Students will work with a staff member to design a program with measurable learning objectives and must demonstrate mastery of the program components. Students may earn credit based on successful completion of the PLE. For more information see your School Counselor.