Agriculture Program

Program Philosophy

The Agriculture Education Program at Mendota High School is based on the three components of the Agriculture Education Model (see figure to the left). The program strives to meet the needs and interests of the students in regards to agriculture. The program does not discriminate on a basis of color, race, gender, religious preference, individual background, or socio-economic status. However, students will be required to meet certain requirements to remain a part of the program. It is the goal of this program to encourage and prepare students for a career in Agriculture.

Classroom/Laboratory Instruction

Various means of instruction will be used to educate the students who take part in this program. Students will participate in classroom discussion, group work, computer assignments, research, presentations, and hands-on lab work. All agriculture courses are designed to expand the students’ knowledge of the vast agriculture industry.

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)

The SAE is a student developed activity that is meant to give students a real-world experience that is directly applicable to careers in the broad field of agriculture. According to the Illinois school code an SAE is required for all students that wish to participate in the agriculture education program. The students are encouraged to keep their record books up to date and to compete in FFA proficiency areas. All students are encouraged to pursue their State and American FFA Degrees.


Illinois School Code identifies the FFA student organization as an intra-curricular component of all state approved agriculture education course. The FFA is the largest student youth organization in the country. Enrollment in an Agricultural Education course is a requirement for membership and all students enrolled in agriculture education course are members of the FFA. The organization provides for Premier Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success. This is accomplished through participation in career development events and other activities. Fundraising is also an integral part of the FFA.

These three components of this agriculture program are all equally important and intertwined to provide students with a quality education in agriculture and in life skills that they should be able to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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