Medway Public Schools 1:1 Chromebook Initiative

Important Information

Devices will be distributed to all grade levels on the first in-school attendance date.

Medway Students, Parents, and Guardians,

We are pleased to announce the continuation of the Medway Public Schools 1:1 Chromebook initiative. As a result of this initiative, all students in grades 5-12 will be issued a school-owned Acer Chromebook that will be available to them at all times, whether at school or home.

Through a blended approach students will communicate with teachers and peers, collaborate and demonstrate their learning. This blended learning approach also offers a diversified learning experience that meets the needs of all students learning styles.

We strive to provide students with on demand access to technology. Chromebooks will provide the opportunities for students to think critically in a collaborative environment. Through exploration and inquiry, students will be able to communicate their ideas creatively in manners that were not previously available to them.

Medway's Vision for Digital Learning

Medway Public School students will learn in personalized, digitally-rich environments that authentically and effectively integrate technology, ensuring they will thrive in their future endeavors in an interconnected, global community.

Why Are We Doing This?

  • Access to technology affords students the ability to obtain necessary information when it is needed.

  • The integration of technology into teacher’s instruction can more easily take place when devices can be in the hands of every student at all times.

  • Students would be encouraged to be creative in their demonstration of concept mastery. We need to move students away from simply being consumers of information to producers of knowledge.

  • Collaboration and Communication (21st Century Skills) with both teachers and peers should be an essential component of all areas of instruction.

  • Access to technology in the form of a laptop or chromebook is now considered to be a tool just like the pencil. It is our job to increase the computer literacy of our students and prepare them for the real world that is their future.

Impact on Student Learning

  • The 4 Cs establish a framework for preparing our students to succeed as citizens in a global society. The best way to help students master these concepts is to change how we teach and how learning takes place in the classroom. The availability of technology significantly improves our ability to facilitate this.

  • Teaching CRITICAL THINKING and problem solving effectively in the classroom is vital for students. Learning critical thinking leads students to develop other skills, such as a higher level of concentration, deeper analytical abilities, and improved thought processing.

  • Students must be able to effectively analyze and process the overwhelming amount of COMMUNICATION in their lives today. It is imperative that tomorrow’s graduates communicate clearly and effectively

  • As a result of students working collaboratively, the group can generate more knowledge, making COLLABORATION a key ingredient to student success in today’s global society.

  • If students leave school without knowing how to continuously be CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE they will be underprepared for the challenges of society and the workforce.