MCS Online 3.0
Resource for Parents

Welcome to Online Learning 3.0!

Welcome to Online Learning 3.0!

This resource is meant to be a guide for parents should our District need to close schools for an extended period of time due to health concerns.

As you go through these resources you will see that we are continuing to make changes to our program! These changes are in response to the feedback we received from parents, students and staff surveys completed earlier this year. What you will notice is more teacher-student interaction built into the school day and an increased level of support and accountability for students.

We know that online learning can never take the place of face to face instruction, but we are committed to providing all of our students with the very best educational experience possible. This will take all of us working together to make it a success! Teachers, parents, students, and administration all play a very important role. Take a look at our Online Learning expectations below.

Online 3.0 Learning Expectations

What will it take for your child to be successful in this online learning environment?

Parent / Caregiver Expectations

  • Monitor student progress on coursework

  • Developing a routine/schedule for students while working from home

  • Communicate questions and concerns immediately to staff

  • Notify the teacher if your child will not be attending a virtual meeting

Student Expectations

  • Follow the routine/schedule set by your parents/caregivers

  • Participate in virtual sessions with teachers as scheduled

  • Watch lessons provided by teachers and complete assignments according to timelines

  • Communicate questions and concerns immediately to staff

Teacher Expectations

  • Create lessons that are engaging for students using a variety of strategies

  • Use Google Classroom as a platform for all assignments, links to resources, etc.

  • Grade work in a timely manner and provide feedback to students on assignments

  • Respond to parent and student questions in a timely manner

Administration Expectations

  • Monitor and support teachers in the delivery of content for students

  • Support and follow up with students and families to ensure success

  • Provide a Chromebook to all students in Grades 2-12