RaceQs Race Replays

Some crews in the PDYC Race Division Fleet have been using a phone app called RaceQs to track and analyze their races. It's an incredible tool to evaluate your performance and those of other boats on the water at the same time. This free app then allows you to upload your track and automatically adds the other boats using the app locally. The more sailboats we get to participate, the more everyone can learn!

How to use RaceQs:

To select the Fleet you wish to watch:

First, open up the arrow tab on the left side of the screen:

Next, click on the Regatta Setup flags at the bottom left hand corner, select Show Regatta Setup, then select the Fleet you want to watch from the tab at the top.

Then, you can select Dashboard Controls to pick which sailboat to focus on and then what boat information you'd like to analyze from the selections at the bottom of the screen.

Also, you can play with the different view controls in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to see: Course View, Fleet View, Match View, Front View, Helm View or follow one particular sailboat. You can also select Auto, which rotates through all the views for you.

RaceQs Info, Tips and Links:

  • FAQs and downloading info can be found at www.raceqs.com
  • works with Apple and Android phones
  • only 1 person per boat should track your race at a time (2 of the same boat show up otherwise)
  • other boats can only see your track if you have your privacy settings set to Public
  • there is a Preset Start option in the app to set your start time, instead of trying to remember to press record right before your start time
  • when viewing the 3D replay... the race mark data is crowdsourced, meaning that if one person enters or alters a mark on the race course, then it is changes for everyone's view, so try to avoid moving the marks if possible?
  • for more information, ask Angie Lane (Relentless)