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Math Course Chart

Note from the Math Department

The Northgate Math Department wants to help you choose the best course for you. You will need a course that challenges you, but you must also find success. Our teachers have worked with you over the course of the academic year. They have taken into account your ability (tests) and your effort (participation and homework/classwork completion). Our teachers make a recommendation based on these observations and suggest which course is most appropriately challenging and will best lead you to success.  Calculators: Most college prep courses at Northgate are taught on the assumption that students own or have regular access to a programmable graphing calculator. Most teachers use the TI-84 in class on a regular basis and there are class sets of TI-84 plus graphing calculators for use in the classroom. Students are expected to do homework with such calculators and are usually allowed to use them on tests. (We recommend the TI-83 plus or TI-84 for Algebra I through Calculus.) 

MATH DEPARTMENT Any student who does not follow the prescribed sequence of math courses must get prior permission from the Math Department chairperson. 

1. Freshman students enter math at the level recommended by their 8th grade teacher. 

2. Students must earn 30 credits of math to graduate from high school. 

3. Students must pass Algebra I or Algebra 1A & 1B to graduate from high school. 

4. Students progress through courses according to the flow chart above. Solid lines indicate normal progression. Dotted lines represent alternate paths that some students might take based on their level of success.