August 29, 2019

Dear Students and Parents,

The MDIRSS Elementary Schools take great pride in helping our students achieve their potential. We strive to make school a safe, nurturing, and challenging place for all students to learn and grow. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to collaborating with students and parents to support the whole child. We are committed to providing your child(ren) with a quality education where learning is engaging, stimulating, and designed to meet individual differences.

The AOS 91 handbook provides an overview of our academic and behavioral expectations. This handbook is best viewed as a digital document. Links to online policies and other online resources are highlighted blue and are live links in the digital version. Hard copies of the handbook are available through the principal's office.

The handbook will continue to be updated with the most recent policies and procedures. However, it is important to note that school board policy supersedes any errors or changes made during the school year. The complete policy manual is available for review at the district website. The student handbook is one way in which we can keep parents informed and involved in the home-school partnership. It is important to take time to read and discuss this handbook with your child(ren). If you have any questions, feel free to contact your building principal.

We look forward to working with you and your child(ren) this school year.


Conners-Emerson School Principal: Barb Neilly bneilly@mdirss.org, 288-3631/ Assistant Principal Heather Webster, hwebster@mdirss.org,

Cranberry Isles School Principal: Lindsay Eysnogle leysnogle@mdirss.org 207-664-4971

Frenchboro School Principal: Lindsay Eysnogle leysnogle@mdirss.org 207-664-4971

Mount Desert Elementary School Principal: Gloria Delsandro gloria.delsandro@mdirss.org 276-3348

Pemetic Elementary School Principal: Rhonda Fortin rhonda.fortin@mdirss.org 244-5502

Trenton Elementary School Principal: Mike Zboray mzboray@mdirss.org / 667-8447

Tremont Consolidated School Principal: Jandrea True jandrea.true@mdirss.org 244-7777

Swan’s Island School Principal: Crystal DaGraca cdagraca@mdirss.org 526-4300 / 812-8939