Health Info

Health Info from the School Nurse

Kristel Springer, R.N.

Nurse's Notes: About Medicines

Taking medicines during school hours is common these days. Between cases of Asthma, ADHD and severe allergies, you can imagine just how many medicines school nurses and staff are responsible for and we're not out of the A's yet. So if you and your child's health care provider decide your child needs a medicine for any reason, please ask if it can be scheduled to be given at home. If medication needs to be administered at school, see forms below.

Please Note: The paper you signed during the first of the year was permission for us to give certain stock medicines on an occasional basis. It was not a blanket permission.

If that is not possible, please remember the following rules that will help keep us all safe.

If these conditions are not followed, the medicine can't safely be given in school. We will keep it for you in the office to come and pick up.

1. All medicine must be brought to school by an adult.

2. All pills MUST be brought in the ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE and must have the correct label. Pharmacists are happy to label a spare "School" bottle for you.

3. All medicine must include a copy of our permission slip signed by a parent/guardian You can download a copy from our website.

4. Medicine that is to be taken for more than 14 days must have a provider's prescription or have the bottom of our permission slip signed.

5. IN NO CASE WILL WE GIVE THE FIRST DOSE OF ANY MEDICINE. All medicines have side effects and you are better able to observe for these with your child.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Health Forms

MDIRSS Medication Self Administration form Use this form for inhalers and EpiPens.

MDIRSS Medication Administration form Use this form for administration of medication by school staff.

TES Physical Exam Use this form to provide information from student's physical exam to school for sports participation.

Immunizations Required Before 7th Grade Letter describing changes to required immunizations to attend public school.

Student Accident Insurance All students need health insurance to play sports. Low cost insurance available here. School code is 993A.