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MCSD Career Pathways

Now more than ever it is important for students to have a clear understanding of their options for life after high school and the paths that exist to support them attaining their educational and career goals. Career exploration and knowing one’s strengths and interests are key foundational steps in this journey as many students may not even realize what’s possible or where their interests and strengths could take them. 

The Career Pathways Program will coordinate people, resources and programming options to provide students with early on-ramps to their chosen pathway with the flexibility to change course at any point in their secondary education while also providing a clear ‘road map’ for how students may continue their path after graduation. The Career Pathways Program will honor college bound students as well as students who desire to pursue military enlistment, technical or trade school, certification and/or postsecondary training, or enter the workforce immediately after graduation. We also recognize the need to develop our own local talent for our region and need to provide Career Pathways for the students who wish to stay, live and work in the Montrose and Olathe communities. 

The MCSD Career Pathways Program will help students envision themselves as "Future ____" (doctors, engineers, pilots, artists, etc.) by providing a map for charting their academic and career journey to launch students into future careers and successful lives. 

Below you will find MCSD Career Pathway resources to help guide the career and academic planning process, including an overview of MCSD Career Pathways and one-page Programs of Study for each of the 16 Career Pathways available in Montrose County School District. Please also see the webpage for MCSD's career exploration and academic planning platform, Major Clarity.

MCSD Career Pathway Programs of Study (One-Pagers)

Major Clarity Complimentary Occupations with Holland Learning Styles

Complementary Occupations Handout.pdf

For more information on the Major Clarity Holland Learning Styles assessment, please see this link

For more information about using Major Clarity for career exploration, please see the Major Clarity webpage

MCSD Career Pathways Presentation