Digital Citizenship

To help our students navigate their digital experience, MCPS has partnered with Common Sense, a national nonprofit. This school year, all MCPS students in grades 3-9 are receiving Digital Citizenship lessons. Next year, the initiative will be expanded to grades K-10. Some of the topics we've covered so far this year are: being a good digital citizen, safe online sharing (avoiding sharing private information), giving credit, identifying high quality websites and efficiently searching online using keywords. Coming soon: cyberbullying

Our BGES Digital Citizenship Vision:

Brooke Grove Elementary third, fourth and fifth graders will become respectful and responsible digital citizens. We will use the Common Sense Education digital citizenship curriculum to teach students how to be safe, smart and honest members of the online community.

Look below to see information from some of our digital citizenship lessons at BGES.

Digital Citizenship
New Sharing Online
The Power of Words
Staying Safe Online