MCOE Mathematics

Specializing in acceleration of learning as students return to school.

Ensuring equity for ALL students, especially students in ELD and Special Education.

5 Key Components
to our
Comprehensive Improvement Plan

Key Component 1: PD to support Ambitious Instruction

  • Utilizing the Math Hierarchy of Needs

  • Teacher-centered training

  • Student-centered instruction

  • Increase language and content development for ELD & SpEd

  • Growth Mindset

  • Rigorous math instruction for all

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Key Component 2: One-on-One Teacher Coaching

  • Virtual and in-person coaching

  • Sustain instructional practices in the classroom

  • Personalized to meet needs of each teacher

  • Utilizing the principles of adult learning to ensure implementation.

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Key Component 3: PLC Support

  • Develop high-trust relationships

  • Deepen understanding of the math practices & standards

  • Increase collective efficacy

  • Measurable goals, data collection, and analysis

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Key Component 4: Leadership Support

  • Goal setting

  • Customize a strategic plan

  • Align LCAP and SPSA to ensure coherence

  • Coordinate instructional improvement and instructional management

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Key Component 5: Improvement Science

  • Goal setting

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Guaranteed growth in instructional practices and student outcomes

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