Mcneil learning commons


What is a learning Commons?

The library has been renamed! No longer limited to just books and typical school hours, it seems more fitting to call it a “learning commons.” This 21st Century title is more appropriate since many of our resources are accessible 24/7, including research guides, project handouts, classroom tools, and e-books. During school, groups of students use our space to gather while uncovering and discussing their learning with peers. Others are welcome to visit and check out books as their schedule allows.

Mission & Vision

The McKinney ISD Learning Commons:

  • Fosters a collaborative approach to learning by integrating informational materials, technological resources, and support services into a comfortable and accessible space in order to provide students, faculty, and staff with an environment for instruction, interaction, and inspiration.
  • Provides flexible and equitable access to current information and resources, both print and digital, as learners engage in both group and independent study.
  • Nurtures an interest in reading and appreciation of literature,integrates information resources and skills to be taught at point of need that meet and support curriculum objectives.
  • Provides authentic, engaging opportunities for students to inquire, analyze, and create through shared learning, while producing and communicating new knowledge.
  • Promotes a partnership between the Media Resource Specialist, staff, and the community to encourage learners to be aware of and to make connections with resources for lifelong learning.
  • Communicates and models ethical use of ideas, information, and technology resources. Fosters the involvement of the local and global communities.

So That:

Students and staff are equipped with the processes and strategies to meet the diverse needs of the 21st century and beyond.