Health Professions Week 2020



Health Professions Week is a national week dedicated to informing students about the various career pathways available to them in the healthcare field. This is done through many different events with a variety of formats and guests. There will be live chats where students can engage with speakers and ask questions. Some of these events will be with health professionals, while others will be with educational partners or students in the healthcare field. In addition, there will be events and activities dedicated to helping students identify their interests in healthcare and then plan to reach their goals as healthcare professionals. Healthcare Professions Week will be a valuable tool for helping students learn about healthcare career pathways and how they can become a part of this ever-expanding field.


There are both local and national components to this week. The national organization brings together various healthcare associations from across the nation to provide informative events for students. At a local level, the Business Advisory Council and Dayton Regional STEM Center are working with local partners to bring additional programming and learning opportunities for students in the Dayton region.

We would like to say thank you to all of our partners for participating in this event: Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, Dayton Children’s Hospital, Kettering Health Network, Sinclair Community College, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and Dayton VA Hospital. Thank you for making this week possible!


Health professions week begins on November 14th and ends on November 20th.


Look at the calendar below for a complete list of events. The information for each event includes the time of the event (if applicable) and a link to where the event is taking place. Please note that all events will be recorded and posted on the MCESC YouTube channel if you are unable to attend the events live. The tabs at the top of this site provide guidance for each school level. In each tab, there is a specific calendar for that school level as well as day-by-day guides for all activities and events. Additionally, the Resources tab provides a complete list of links for all events as well as a downloadable activity guide for all grade levels.


Bryan Stewart, Workforce Director: