Priority Standards and Unpacking

What you will need:

  • 4 different color markers or stickers

  • Most recent content area standards that have been adopted and approved by the Nebraska Board of Education and local BOE. (preferably use the horizontal standards so you can see how they build from year to year)

We use a 5 STAR system similar to a restaurant, hotel, or high school athletes. With one color, read through each indicator and give it a star if it meets the criterial below. For example, use blue for READINESS. If that specific indicator is needed at the next grade level to be successful, it would receive a blue star. Continue with the same color and star each standard indicator that qualifies as "Readiness". Below, each of the following indicator receives a different color. For ASSESSMENT, this indicator receives 2 STARS to mark the significance. Use your professional judgement once you have all the stars for each. When you are finished, use your professional judgement to decide if you need to rank any standards higher based on your experience and professional opinion. You can also bundle any 5 or 4 star standards that you typically teach/assess at the same time.

REAL Standards:

⭐️ R. Readiness: Is this needed for the next grade level to be successful?

⭐️ E. Endurance: Lifelong skill?

⭐️⭐️ A. Assessed: Is this assessed on state assessment? At what DOK?

​⭐️ L. Leverage: Will other content areas benefit from kids mastering this?

*"When considering whether to select one particular standard over another...discuss and decide which standard is more comprehensive and rigorous--not the more foundational." ~Larry Ainsworth 2015 (IF students reach mastery on the more rigorous standard, they are sure to be able to master the less strenuous standard)

*30-50% of standards should be in your core inner circle. You may not reach consensus on all standards. Within your PLC, try to reach for 70% consensus.

Unpacking Standards

Now that you have identified the essential learnings, you need to unpack them!

*What exactly do the standards mean? What will students be able to do?

*What evidence of mastery will we accept? What level of DOK will we teach/assess at?

*Re-write the standard in student friendly language. "I CAN STATEMENTS". Make sure to use the necessary verbiage on what kids need to know and/or do!