On behalf of the community at Marist College Canberra it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 29th Australian Marist Basketball Carnival. It is an honour for us to host this event with a tradition that extends nearly three decades. Participating schools come from varied backgrounds and diverse cultures, but all share a common set of values and beliefs founded by the Marist Brothers. Doing your best and competing in the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play are Marist values defining the identity of all our schools.

I am sure your will enjoy your time in the Nation’s Capital and experience the hospitality and friendship that is very much part of the DNA in Marist schools. I imagine you will enjoy yourself on and off the courts and hope you take fond memories of your time with us here.

The carnival speaks for the commitment that all of us hold for school sport. Thank you to the many volunteers, match officials, coaches and managers who have contributed so much in preparing the students for this carnival. They are integral to the success of school sporting programs and their contribution to the development of each student extends far beyond the domain of the sporting arena.

I wish to thank and acknowledge the many staff who have worked tirelessly to organise this event. I would particularly like to express my gratitude to the carnival committee, Paul Mead, Grant Barclay and Simon Rugala for their dedication to all the students competing in this event.

Best of luck to all our teams and congratulations on being part of this special Marist community celebration. I wish you all a very successful and enjoyable carnival.

Matthew Hutchison

Headmaster Marist College Canberra

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As Catholic Educators who are inspired by the life and work of Marcellin Champagnat and his Brothers, we seek to provide a national championship for our students of Marist schools who are seeking to:

  • Enjoy the company of other young Australians giving expression to their social, religious and sporting aspirations.
  • Develop their skills of sportsmanship in the basketball through friendly competition with teams from Marist schools.
  • Share with other young people around Australia our Marist traditions, values, vision and story