Mason Hope Squad

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What is Hope Squad?

Hope Squad is a mental health awareness and peer to peer suicide prevention program at Mason High School and Mason Middle School. Squad members have been anonymously nominated by their peers. Hope Squad's mission is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and to promote this message to the community as well as within the schools.

What is Grant Us Hope?

Grant Us Hope is an organization that works towards youth suicide prevention, opening up conversations and activities to students, parents, and families. They administer MHS Hope Squad and other squads in Ohio.

When was MHS Hope Squad formed?

The MHS Hope Squad was formed in 2018. Since then, there have been many members working to make their positive impact on the school and community.

What do Hope Squad members do with their time?

Mason High School Hope Squad meets during school four times a week. All squad members are trained in the methods of QPR (question, persuade, refer) and SOS (signs of suicide). Along with that, the squad completes a mental health curriculum for teenagers.

Within MHS Hope Squad, we have developed and work through six different committees. Split up into events, service & operations, social media, in school, out of school, and education & training, this helps our activities run smoothly and provides our members with leadership opportunities.

MHS Hope Squad's vision of growth

As we continue to grow our Squad, we are working to best serve all individuals at MHS and beyond. As we’ve extended our Hope Squad to the 8th graders in the middle school, our vision is to one day have it span from 7th grade-12th grade; a 6 year program. High school members are also extremely excited to establish and strengthen relationships within the entire greater Mason community, in hopes of creating alignment and support behind mental health and suicide prevention.

"Everything that is done in this world is done by hope." -Martin Luther