Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual credit enrollment includes a variety of programs through which Marion High School students are enrolled simultaneously in both high school and college to earn both high school and college credit. These programs make college more affordable for families and introduce students to higher level coursework before starting college. 

Wisconsin currently offers courses through the Early College Credit Program. The program allows Wisconsin public and private high school students to take one or more courses at an institution of higher education for high school and/or college credit.  Marion High School will pay for these credits through Start College Now.

College Credit can be earned at Marion High School by three ways:

Transcripted Credit Classes

Transcripted Credit Classes  are classes that are offered for dual credit at Marion High School and a technical college.  These classes could be taught by our staff at Marion High School, through the ERVING Network, or independently through an online course.

Currently, Marion High School offers the following Transcripted Credit Classes:

Assisted Child Care Teacher-TC-FVTC Contemporary Healthcare Practices-TC-NWTC

Customer-Focused Caregiving-TC-NTC Digital Literacy for Healthcare-TC-NWTC

Current Events in Criminal Justice-TC-NTC Intro to Law Enforcement-TC-NWTC

Private Investigation Tactics-TC-NWTC Large Animal Science-TC-FVTC

Plant Science-TC-FVTC Ag Entrepreneurship-TC-FVTC

Aquascience-TC-FVTC Principles of Information Security-TC-NTC

Digital Photography-TC-NTC Computer Fundamentals 1-TC-NTC

Computer Fundamentals 2-TC-NTC Intro to Business-TC-NTC

Intro to IT Technical Support-TC-NTC Speech & Debate-TC-NTC

Professional Writing-TC-NTC Calculus 1-TC-NTC

Math w/ Business Apps-TC-FVTC College Technical Math 1A-TC-NTC

College Technical Math 1B-TC-NTC Intro to Statistics-TC-NTC

Medical Terminology-TC-FVTC Abnormal Psychology-TC-NWTC             

Economics-TC-FVTC Intro to Diversity Studies-TC-NWTC

Intro to Ethics & Theory and Application-TC-NWTC American Sign Language I-TC-NWTC

American Sign Language II-TC-NWTC

CAPP Classes

CAPP Classes are courses that are offered for dual credit through the UW System.  These courses could also be taught by our staff at Marion High School, through the ERVING Network, or independently through an online course.

Currently, Marion High School offers the following CAPP Classes:

Intro to Teaching-CAPP-UW-River Falls Exceptional Child-CAPP-UW-River Falls

Biology II-CAPP-UW-Oshkosh Computer Programming 1-CAPP-UW-River Falls

Intro to Environmental Studies-CAPP-UW-River Falls Computer Programming 2-CAPP-UW-River Falls

Elementary/Secondary Education-CAPP-UW-River Falls Intro to Computer Science-CAPP-UW-Superior

Children's Literature-CAPP-UW-Superior Biology 104 Ecosphere in Crisis-CAPP-UW-Oshkosh

Indigenous History of the Great Lakes-CAPP-UW-Superior Japanese 101-CAPP-UW-Superior

Japanese 102-CAPP-UW-Superior

Advanced Placement (AP) Tests

The UW Board of Regents policy requires all UW System institutions to grant credit for scores of 3 and above on College Board Advanced Placement Exams. Each campus will determine whether course equivalent credit or credit in the major should be granted and which AP scores are required to grant credit for those purposes. These credits can allow students to save college tuition, study abroad, or secure a second major. 

Through the ERVING Network, Marion High School currently offers AP testing for the following classes:  


The School District of Marion does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital status or parental status, sexual orientation or disability.  The Director of Special Education & Pupil Services is the district's compliance officer.  If you have concerns, please call (715) 754-4501.