Mutukaroa is the name of our school and community learning partnership. Mutukaroa is about working with parents and whanau to understand how your child is progressing in their learning over their first three years at school. It is also about supporting parents to help their children in their learning at home.

Our Mutukaroa co-ordinators, Stephanie Tuitupou & Vasati Vaoiva will have regular learning conversations that help parents to understand data about their child's achievement, ask questions, select next steps for learning at home and choose learning resources to support learning at home.

Stephanie or Vasati will arrange times to meet with parents and whanau when and where it best suits them. They can be contacted through the school office.

Mutukaroa is about having in depth knowledge of how your child is doing in their assessments and learning from Years 1-3 by having regular meetings with the Mutukaroa co-ordinator.