Home School Partnership

The Home School Partnership is an implementation programme from the Ministry of Education. Its vision is, that all families in the community, including Pasifika and Māori parents and families will understand that they are the school community and that they will be included and involved in school activities and feel comfortable in their school. It is based around cultural inclusion and connecting with the community to plan ways to support students learning particularly in Maths.

Our school’s Home School Partnership programme is led by our Maths Curriculum team and one Lead Parent. Our community sessions are informative and delivered in an informal way where families can freely roam the hall with their children and play a variety of Maths games. Families will get the opportunity to take home the games that have been shared at each session. We have extended our community sessions to other curriculum areas such as Literacy (Reading & Writing) and Health & PE (Health Promoting School).

We also utilise our Home School Partnership sessions as a way of connecting with our local community services such as Budgeting & Family Support Services, Skids and The Regional Ministry of Education office. The use of e-learning tools such as mini-notes and iPads are implemented in our sessions to support families with accessing online interactive games to play at home with their children. Our main philosophy is working together with our community to raise our students’ achievement.