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Manara Academy is committed to your child's academic progress while keeping our families, scholars, and staff safe and healthy. Educating while navigating a public health crisis brings about many questions and unknowns. We ask that our families and students visit our Manara Learning in 2020-2021 website frequently. Information will be changing rapidly as we go through this process together and LEARN TOGETHER! Our entire staff, admin, and teachers are working on these new learning models, so please use the Help Page of this website as needed and reach out for assistance. We are here to Help Educate!

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Irving Elementary Building

Pre-K through Grade 6

8201 Tristar DriveIrving, TX 75063972-304-1155 ext. 100

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6101 S. Collins St.Arlington, TX 76018 972-304-1155 ext. 300
Manara Leadership Academy Building

Grades 7 through 12

8001 Jeststar DriveIrving, TX 75063972-304-1155 ext. 200

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Manara Academy will be offering THREE Instructional Program options in 2020-2021

Families will choose 1 option for instruction for the entire school year or by grading period.

Option 1: At-Home Learning

Full-time Learning at Home • Teacher Supported, Recorded & Live • Five Days a Week • Full School Days At Home

Option 2: Hybrid Learning

Part-time Learning at School Part-time Learning at Home Teacher Supported, Recorded & Live

2 Days a week In-Person Learning on Tues/Thurs & 3 Days a week At-Home Learning on Mon/Wed/Fri

Option 3: In-Person Learning

Full-time Learning at School • Five Days a Week • Regular Full School Days • Access to Recorded Materials

Things to Think About...

  • CHOICE: The instructional model you choose will be your child's learning plan for the first quarter (9 weeks) of school, which is our first grading period. You may continue with the same learning plan for the entire school year or switch at any quarter.

  • CHANGES: If a parent chooses Hybrid or In-Person for the quarter, they are free to move to the At-Home Learning at anytime. You do not have to wait until the end of the quarter to change to At-Home. However, once you change to At-Home, you cannot return to Hybrid or In-Person until the next quarter. The purpose is to allow families the greatest flexibility to ensure their child is safe from potential COVID-19 exposure.

  • CLOSURE: Based on reported information regarding potential exposure to COVID-19 or positive COVID-19 cases disclosed to the school from our community, Manara Academy is authorized to close the school immediately. In the event of a school closure, instruction will continue At-Home for every student. Manara may incorporate a Transition Day in our closure notice to families to allow teachers to adjust for effective instruction, but At-Home instruction will be the intructional program for every student. School closures may extend through the 14-day quarantine period.

  • ATTENDANCE: Attendance accountability in 2020-21 is changing from just being "present" to being "engaged". Student Progress is the new standard for taking attendance, meaning students must be actively engaged in the At-Home and Hybrid Learning programs to earn credit.

  • DRESS: Manara is not requiring regular school dress code for At-Home or Hybrid Learning (while at home), but may change that policy if students are not dressed appropriately for their peers and teachers while online. Dress code is required for In-Person and Hybrid Learning while at school.

  • TRUANCY: In 2020-21, students who are not "engaged" every day of the week will not be counted as "present", but absent. Texas law requiring students to be "present" for at least 90% of the school year will be enforced through our local court system and may result in losing credit, retention, and/or assessed fees.

  • SANATIZED: Manara is hiring a new cleaning company for 2020-21. This company has proven track record for maintaining clean environments for schools, offices, and Universities across the DFW area. The school will double it's efforts to sanatize using it's new Electrostatic Disifenctant Sprayer during the school week in addition to traditional cleaning and sanatizing efforts with full-time Day Porters and nightly cleaning crews.

  • CAFETERIA: Manara is hiring a new food service vendor for 2020-21. As a child nutrition Community Eligibility Provisions (CEP) school, all students are eligble for free breakfast and lunch - whether doing At-Home, Hybrid, or In-Person instruction. Please read how we plan to serve our students breakfast and lunch at home in our School Nutrition page at the left.

  • EXTRA-CURRICULAR: Extra-Curricular activities during the first semester (Quarters 1 & 2) are suspended.

  • STAAR: The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is requiring all public school students to take their respective STAAR tests in Spring 2021. TEA will hold Manara Academy accountable for the academic performance of our students. Student performance on these high-stakes tests will also be used to determine promotions and assignments for Summer School.

Please complete the Educational Choice Survey by Friday, July 17, 2020.