About Us

The Environmental Communication Community of Practice (EC CooP) is a learning community composed of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and community partners who share interests in environmental communication and interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability.

We host workshops and discussions focused on civic engagement and community organizing; making meaningful career connections through online presence, networking opportunities, and relationship development; writing and peer support; grant proposal development; oral and poster presentations for academic conferences; and coordinating research and fieldwork activities. We also do engaged research and service projects, such as video recording, and in future we intend to create facilitated dialogues on issues that matter.



Bridie McGreavy, Assistant Professor, Communication & Journalism

Laura Rickard, Assistant Professor, Communication & Journalism

Judith Rosenbaum-Andre, Assistant Professor, Communication & Journalism

Current Students

Jessica Bergstrom, M.A., Communication

Dana Carver-Bialer, Ph.D., Communication

Kevin Duffy, Ph.D., Communication

Carter Hathaway, M.A., Communication

Gabby Hillyer, M.S., Marine Science and Policy

Cassie Page, B.A. Communication

Bryan Picciotto, Ph.D., Communication

Sandaruwan Pradeep Kumara, M.A., Communication

Tyler Quiring, Ph.D., Communication

Abby Roche, Ph.D., Communication

Tony Sutton, Ph.D. , Ecology and Environmental Science

Christopher Waite, M.A., Communication

Former Students

*graduation year noted

Brawley Benson, B.A., International Affairs

Maliyan Binette, B.A. Psychology

Michael Kennedy, B.A., Philosophy (2017)

James Robe, B.A. Communication ( 2017)

John Welton, M.A. Communication (2017)

Ben Wyman, M.A. Mass Communication (2017)


Jane Disney, Staff Scientist, Mount Desert Island Biological Lab

Liliana Herakova, Lecturer, Department of Communication & Journalism

Sara Randall, Research Associate, Marine and Sustainability Resource Consultant

Sam Roy, Postdoctoral Researcher, Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions

Linda Silka, Senior Research Fellow, Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions

Carly Sponarski, Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology

Nathan Stormer, Professor, Department of Communication & Journalism