Adi Torfstein is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a resident scientist at the Interuniversity Institute of Marine Sciences of Eilat. He is also head of the Oceanography program at HUJI.

Research fields: Geochemistry, Oceanography, Paleoclimate

Main interests: Isotope and trace element geochemistry of seawater and sediments, U-decay series, seawater biogeochemistry, dust and sediment provenance, paleoclimate, paleoceanography, geochronology.

Our research focuses on the reconstruction of past climate changes through the investigation of geochemical and sedimentary processes in marine and lacustrine archives. We are also interested in the signal transfer between the modern atmosphere and oceans to the geological record. Accordingly, our research combines between time series of modern terrigenous fluxes and biogeochemical cycles in the oceans (see the REDMAST project), and late Quaternary marine and lacustrine records.

Below is a list of current and recent research projects in our group, and you can find some more pictures from our field and lab work in the Gallery.


  • Productivity and export production in the Gulf of Aqaba: high resolution time series of particulate fluxes and biogeochemical processes

  • The impact of short term perturbations (dust storms, floods) on trace elements and their isotopes in seawater

  • Planktonic foraminifera seasonality and daily dynamics

  • Dust sources, temporal patterns and impact on marine biogeochemistry

Paleoceanography, paleoclimate

  • Late Quaternary history of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba

  • The chemostratigraphy of Miocene despoits in the East Mediterranean Levant Basin

  • The Late Quaternary history of the Dead Sea basin lacustrine bodies

  • Holocene history of Eilat coral reefs


  • Provenance and weathering patterns of sediments in the Dead Sea basin

  • U-series disequilibrium in fine terrigenous material in the Red Sea

  • Comminution dating of glacio-marine sediments in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

  • U-Th dating systematics of "dirty carbonates"

Research opportunities

We have open research opportunities. Individuals interested in undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral research are encouraged to contact: