Flat Rock Middle School Counseling

Welcome to the Counseling website! We are committed to providing the best academic, social/emotional, and career support possible for students and families in our middle school. We see students individually, in small groups, or in classroom guidance.

How we see students:

Individual Counseling- We engage students in a conversation about problem solving. The problems they experience could be academic, personal, or social. We also refer parents to counselors outside the school if they need more in depth or lengthy counseling sessions.

Group Counseling- If a small group of students have problems with similar themes, we do groups based on that common problem such as stress, family changes, or anger, for example.

Classroom Guidance-We do career guidance through "Naviance" and "Signs of Suicide" each year in all grades. Other topics are based on needs of students and counselor schedule.

Outside of school referrals-We are not therapists. When students need more in-depth, or specialized, counseling, we refer parents to therapists outside the school. Referrals available by request.

What does a School Counselor do? Check out this video.