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WHETHER Face to face course, hybrid, or fully online course, here what we will do together...

  • Learning how to analyze artworks visually wise, and then start to interpret them conceptually wise.
  • Consider and discuss the socio historical, gender and cultural factors that influenced the artists' methods and themes.
  • Identify how some artists and art movements have underlined issues, further entrenched some people in their views but also promoted social justice and opened doors...
  • Consider the key roles of artists from marginalized groups and how they pushed back boundaries and fought for justice.
  • Interpret and reevaluate artworks based on your personal and newly enlightened perspective .
  • In short, grasp more deeply your cultural patrimony in this country in the Western World, in Latin American & Africa.
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EMAIL: stouze@ccsf.edu

If you are using this email box, I will typically respond within 72 hours except on week end and holidays.

However, once you can access canvas (our class management system and once the course goes live) please make sure to use the Canvas inbox.

I check that email more often and strive to respond within 48 hours.

  • Art department phone: 415- 239-3157
  • My campus mailbox is V 72.
  • Our Art Department's physical address: 50 Frida Kahlo Way, San Francisco, CA 94112.


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Syllabus for Art 107 African American Art History (This is a printable and usable with a screen reader).

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Students engaging in a museum scavenger hunt at SFMOMA with Sophie Touze their professor, a young black woman points out to a poster, while others peruse more graphic design posters.Professor Touze at SFMOMA explaining & pointing to Henri Matisse's femme au chapeau. Three students backs turned away from the viewers, engaged in a discussion  and pointing to Mark Rothko's painting at SFMOMASFMOMA filed trip, a student reading information from Hans Haacke's installation entitled "News" 1969 Image of field at SFMOMA, student picking up a poster by contemporary artist Felix Gonzales Torres


Museum Field Trips

  • I give students; tours at San Francisco Museum of Modern art where I have been a private guide for over a decade.
  • I strive to enhance the students' connection to art
  • My goal is to empower a culturally diverse audience to form lifelong relationships with artworks & expand their awareness
  • In short, I see myself as an awakener, an interpretative tool that enables students redefine what they know and how feel about art and society.

Art History, What is It Good For?

  • Art history is not just for the art or liberal arts majors . In fact, it can help you in many ways and boost your academic and critical thinking skills.

  • Learning how to truly see images in depth and interpret them will allow you to better grasps how images "tell a story" and images permeate our culture. They are everywhere!

Students' experiences at City College' S ART DEPARTMENT

  • View City College's Art Department Videos Testimonies
  • Personal statements shared about Sophie Touze's courses: "Sophie exposing me to new art is a like a challenge to expand my mind and redefine what I know."
  • "She’ll change they way you experience museums and see; you’ll feel you are part of that world!"
  • "Now, I feel more worldly, compassionate and educated in a broader sense..."
  • City College Art Department

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Medieval illumination drawing with skeleton approaching a nun and touching her robe.  "When you are supposed to collect souls but that fabric is fly!!!"  Girl is that silk?Old painting  but people squeeze to take a selfie.Sad looking young woman Renaissance painting-- When you are stuck in a meeting that should have been emailed.the Scream by  Edvard Munch: "When pay is weeks awayCarousel imageRosie the Riveter but substituted by Frida KahloCarousel image