Lemlor Productions

A place for creative ideas

Lemlor Productions is a subsiduary of Magic Electricity Box Pty Ltd. At LP, we experiment to help you develop:

  • product design and testing

  • new business models for artists

  • non-music related creative ideas

  • manufacturing

  • crowdfunding & bootstrapping your MVP

  • community building and market creation


We project manage innovation!

Our emerging artist comes to us with an idea, and we figure out how to execute it!

We host a virtual innovation hub to bring in expertise to accelerate creative ideas


We agree on a goal, prepare a project and offer advice and support to test your ideas.

We have experience in Lean Startup, Social Enterprise, crowdfunding, grants and creative industries

Get Involved

Get in touch to volunteer your expertise, offer your mentoring or enquire about our latest projects. We are always looking for professionals, entrepreneurs, supporters of the arts and sponsors for all sorts of cool projects.

Support us

The best way to support our emerging artists is to get behind their campaigns! Sign up to our Supporters E-News for updates on the latest launches, projects and call-outs!