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MEB is a Music Publishing Company for all your production and stock music needs

We are a Work Integrated Social Enterprise (WISE)

Our impact model:

Music entrepreneurship, music tech and creative career opportunities for regional youth have barriers (including limited access to training, support and markets) which creative career coaching, music business training and technical skills development can help overcome. We provide access to mentors, creative production infrastructure and global markets.

Our community:

We support regional young people - 16 to 26 years old - to develop their own pathway to employment and entrepreneurship in the Australian creative economy. We create jobs, open pathways to employment, develop career opportunities and support young people to be part of their community as they grow their creative practice.

Our business model (how we make money):

  1. Licensing royalty free production and stock music through our Stock Music Library sales and subscriptions; and,

  2. Offering fee-for-service Professional Development residency programs for creatives in our purpose built studio in Armidale, NSW.

Stock Music Library

Stock music, production music, audio branding and royalty free songs for your projects:

License fees start from $49.95 for a Bundle (7 audio tracks)

Subscription Plans for professional producers start from $68 per month, unlimited downloads

Artist in Residence program

From 2 weeks to 12 weeks:


  • accommodation

  • optional - meals catered

  • exhibition marketing

  • creative coaching and professional development mentoring

  • Letter of Support for grant applications available

About Us

Irene Lemon, founder and Managing Director

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Simon Mellor, founder and creative director

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