The STEAM Academy is back for summer 2020!

We are excited to announce the Madison STEAM Academy is returning for the summer of 2020! The STEAM Academy has been created to extend Madison's offernings of Technology, Engineering, and Design into the summer months. The STEAM Academy is designed for all students interested in hands-on challenges that involve the creation of incredible products and solutions.

We have revamped our course offerings and projects across all three student groups for this summer. This includes entirely new classes, redesigned curriculum, new schedules, and new projects. For more information about all of our changes for 2020, please visit the What's New? page.

Dates and Schedule

The 2020 Madison STEAM Academy will be at Madison High School beginning on July 6th and ending on August 7th. We start at 9:00 AM and ends at 2:30 PM with before and after care available.

More information about dates and a detailed daily schedule can be found on our Schedule page.

Student Groups

The Madison STEAM Academy offers three student groups in order to best fit the needs of all of our students. Students should be placed into the appropriate group based on grade, skill, or experience.

More information and assistance in selecting appropriate student groups can be found on the Students page.

Course offerings

Courses are designed to best fit the needs, interests, and skills for each student group. New courses are offered each week and repeating courses have new content, projects, and themes. Students can take the same course multiple times with a new experience each time.

More detailed information can be found on our Courses page.

Enroll in the Academy for This Summer

Enrollment for the STEAM Academy opens on 2/26/20. Please visit the Enrollment page for more information.