Camelview Vision Statement:

"Extraordinary Learning for All"

Camelview Mission Statement:

"Develop students’ strengths and confidence by promoting a growth mindset"

Announcements From Special Areas:

Happy New Year and welcome to quarter 3! The special area teachers are looking forward to working with your child(ren) on some wonderful projects and activities that will heighten their musical, artistic, and physical abilities!


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This year we will be focusing on colleges and careers. You may have seen the college banners posted over his/ her teacher's classroom door. It is never too early to be looking into colleges for your child. This year we are highlighting certain colleges that are doing extraordinary things in the areas of music, art, physical education, and reading/research.

Mrs. Kudray-Flores (ART)

University of Arizona

Mr. McKinley (MUSIC)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mrs. Stirek (LIBRARY)

University of New Mexico

Mrs. Swanson (PE)

University of California - Los Angeles


Hello Parents and Guardians,

Concert season is around the corner and the music room could use your help! Mr. McKinley is in need of a couple of parents from each grade level to create a parent decoration committee to decorate the stage for the grade level concerts this year in style. If you are interested in helping out or organizing the parents, please fill out the Google Form link below.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact him at jmckinley@madisoned.org or 602-664-7259 and leave a message.

Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/FsYM6zC3fLsXMLOu1


UPDATE April 2017: Mr. McKinley was awarded a grant from SRP!

From http://www.srpnet.com/education/grants/default.aspx:

Learning Grant: Grants to allow schools, teachers, and students to develop projects and programs geared toward state-mandated competencies. Funds can be used to support innovative teaching strategies that improve student performance objectives in math and science.

He will use the award to acquire 6 Chromebooks, a charging cart, and Little Bits STEAM kits for students to learning not only electronics and circuitry but to create an electronic musical instrument.

UPDATE December 2016: Mr. McKinley also was awarded a grant from the Madison Education Foundation for 3 more Android tablets to help students with various music education projects! You will see and hear the results in May!

UPDATE November 22, 2016: Mr. McKinley got enough funding from the gofundme.com campaign to purchase another Android tablet! This device will come in handy with the third and fourth graders for the start of their EDM group projects later this year.

UPDATE October 7, 2016: Mr. McKinley got fully funded for the two Android tablets! He will be using them with the third and fourth grades very soon and will be posting their projects on the site when they are completed. Thank you to all that helped spread the word and donated to Donor's Choose.

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