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Manufacturing Consultancy Sales and Services.

MaCSell Tech India LLP is a multifaceted product and service provider in the field of High Performance Coating, Repair & reclamation, Water proofing solutions, Electrical and Automation, Sensing and Actuation, Equipment & spares.

MaCSell Tech India LLP leverages it's expertise and experience to offer & deliver its customer world class products and services to keep abreast the technological developments in the fast changing & fierce competitive scenario.

Part of Palrecha Group of Companies, MACSEL operates in two business areas. Formulations and products derived for unique properties in niche application for Industry 4.0 and representing selected few top manufacturers in defined topography for product sales and services.

In recent years, new revolutionary paradigms generally indicated using the term Industry 4.0, have been conceived and are progressively applied in several manufacturing systems to achieve a smarter, more effective, and sustainable production.

To facilitate our formulations and service, we imbibed this in our polymer chemistry solutions and making a paradigm shift in maintenance and operations of conveying systems using advanced sensing technologies

Advanced additive manufacturing techniques have advantages over conventional polymer processing techniques due to their proficiency to address complex application engineering which can conform to intricate shape and size of the substrate enhancing the end properties of the polymer and system in multiple folds.

Pathbreaking technologies in identification of structural health in Industries and otherwise has opened up a sea of opportunities making structural health monitoring and analysis a predictive and preventive one.

Same sensing technology is being used for identification and analysis of Industrial gases too with utmost precision.

 This technology highlights how AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning, supports efficiency and easy processability of additive manufacturing requisites.

Energy Management Audit - In our endeavor to keep ourselves updated with industry need, we are poised to get into the Energy Management and digital solution audit backed up by elite personnel from private utility companies.

Registered under MSME, our objective is to render best possible Product & Services  produced and sourced within, to contribute to nations "Vocal for Local" mission. 

We Endeavour to go beyond the business interest to the the communities we serve!

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Photo Credit to DURR for Spray System & Polymer EDU for Chains and optics