Will Mitchell

Three flowers via piecewise linear, piecewise rational, and global rational interpolation.

Math Corps at Macalester

I'm excited to be working with Getiria Onsongo and Joslenne Peña to start a chapter of the remarkable Math Corps organization at Macalester. We're running a small inaugural summer camp in summer 2024! For more information, see our official website at https://mathcorps.org/locations/stpaul/

About me

I joined Macalester in 2017. Before then I was a student (BA Saint Olaf, MS University of Alaska-Fairbanks, PhD UW-Madison) and I also had a short career as a secondary math teacher, including with the US Peace Corps in Guinea and Burkina Faso. 

I've mainly taught Calculus II and III, Differential Equations, Computational Linear Algebra, Mathematical Modeling, and Partial Differential Equations. My research is on the integral equations of Stokes flow, especially computational aspects including quadrature, with biophysical applications such as the study of swimming microorganisms. I'm a user but not particularly a developer of numerical linear algebra and computational geometry. I spend a lot of my research time manipulating NumPy arrays. 

Here is my CV. 

This public webpage offers some downloadable teaching and research materials, including my papers. Current students should see Moodle for more detailed course information. To request a letter of recommendation or express interest in summer research, send an email.