Below is a list of our upcoming Pro+ events for 2018! Beside each event are the details of the event and a link to register for it.

Job Fairs

  • Health Sciences Fair - October 5th - Register here!
  • Volunteer, Service, & Graduate Fair - October 30th- Register here!
  • Law School Fair - November 6th - Register here!

For additional information on the career fairs, take a look at the Save the Dates:


  • Internship Workshop -
    • August 28th at 12pm- Register here!
    • August 29th at 4pm - Register here!
  • Resume Workshop -
    • September 6th at 4pm - Register here!
  • How to Choose a Major/Career - September 20th at 4pm - Register here!
  • Job Search -
    • September 26th at 12pm - Register here!
    • September 27th at 4pm - Register here!
  • Networking Workshop - October 9th at 6pm - Register here!
  • Hornet2Hornet - October 19th at 3pm - Register here!
  • Etiquette Dinner - November 13th at 5:30pm - Register here!

For additional information on all of our upcoming events, check out our Fall Events Poster:

You can also register for all our events through Presence. Once you sign up on Presence and log in, you'll be able to see all our events and register for them by clicking on the RSVP option.