Calabasas High School

Service Learning

Service learning is the modern version of “community service”. Service Learning is a graduation requirement that allows student the opportunity to engage with the local and even global community. The Las Virgenes Unified School District believes giving back to and learn from the community is an important part of a child’s educational and emotional development.

Each student is required to do a minimum of 15 hours per year. If a student completes 50 to 100 hours or more each year, they are eligible for a several different awards (see the awards tab to learn more). Please know that the Service Learning hours a student completes beyond the required 15 cannot be displayed in Aeries.

Service Learning hours should be turned in at any time during the school year, however, all 15 hours must be completed by the following due dates:

Seniors: Hours are Due Friday, May 11 2018

Juniors: Hours are Due Friday, May 25 2018

Sophomores: Hours are Due Friday, June 1 2018

Freshman: Hours are Due Friday, June 8 2018

Service Learning Policy Announcement:

Students please be aware that if you would like to receive Service Learning hours for a charity event or fundraiser you must be a coordinator or planner of the event.

You will not receive hours for simply participating in the event.

If you need clarification please contact either Mr. Dillon in H207 or Ms. Kay in Counseling.

Where do you submit your completed log and reflection? EASY!

The Counseling Office and drop it off in the grade-appropriate box mounted on the front of Ms Kay's desk.

Please note: You must have a completed iServe Log OR typed letter from the organization on letter head and signed. You also MUST have completed a 150 word reflection. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE LEGIBLE OR IT WILL NOT BE COUNTED. See below for the iServe Log

What counts as service learning?

  • Must be a non-profit organization.
  • You should do the learning for organizations that have already been approved- see below
Copy of LVUSDiServelog New.doc.pdf

How do you know which organizations have been approved? Click on the "Pre- Approved Organizations" here or in the menu for a list of all of the pre-approved organizations as of April 2017. This list was downloaded from Aeries.

You can also click on link at the top of this page for Volunteer Opportunities; this is updated as new opportunities are provided.

What if I want to work for an organization that hasn't been pre-approved? You will need to get the organization approved by filling out an organization approval form. See link below.


Things you can NOT do:

  • Work for a company as an intern.
  • Work for a family member as an intern
  • The organization MUST be a NON-PROFIT!

You will not receive hours for BAKING cookies or other baked goods beginning for the school year 17-18.

CHS Contact info:

Service Learning Advisors

Commissioners of Community Service

  • Griffin Lowy, Lucy Schiller, and Jacob Turobiner
  • Twitter: @chscommunity17

On Campus

  • Stop by The Counseling Office Mon- Friday 7a-3:30pm