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Attention Parents- If you wish to receive weekly progress emails from your Aeries' account(s):

Go to Options, select Parent Notification Preferences, select Weekly Progress Email(check), and select Day and Time (check).

NGSS Adopted Framework for California

Click on the link below to go to the newly adopted California Framework for Science. See Chapter 6 for the Middle School Standards


Zoom Directions for Students

Zoom Directions for Students (resource)
Parent Resources for Online Learning

Text Support Information while Distance Learning is happening:


Student/Parent: 818-538-6433

Distance Learning Grading:

On Aeries I have created a new category in my grade book called Distance Learning. This category is not weighted towards their grade to give the students ample of time to complete all assignments prior to it being moved to the appropriate category which will be weighted towards their class grade. I do have due dates on all my assignments so that assignments are not left undone. I will make google classroom announcements on when all things will need to be turned in before I close that window of opportunity to make anything up.