A. C. Stelle Registration

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Registration 2020 (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Welcome to A.C. Stelle Middle School

Follow the FOUR steps to complete the registration process for the new year.


Log onto Aeries to verify all the student data for the new school year. Follow the prompts to confirm:

Demographics: Update information - address changes will have to be verified by the Registrar.

Contacts: Include friends, older siblings (must be at least 18 years of age), car pool families, and anyone able to pick up student in a disaster.

Health: Please provide documentation to the Health Clerk for serious health changes.

Authorizations & Permissions: Please read and respond. Note: We only publish photos of three or more students, no names included.

Documents: You will find a link to this website under Documents - read the policies below.

Registration Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation.

The Aeries login page has links to create new accounts, reset passwords, or get help using Aeries.


School Rules: You must review the School Rules before school starts. They include information on the dress code, Eagle Club Point System for Behavior, Discipline Plan, Academic Integrity Policy, Nut-Safe Policy, Gum-Free Policy, school bus procedures, Electronics Policy, Lost and Found, textbooks, and more.

Emergency Release Procedures: It is very important to review our Emergency Release procedures. In order to keep your child safe, include neighbors, local friends, and carpool partners on your child’s Aeries contact list. In an emergency, your child cannot be released to anyone not included on his/her contacts list.

Nut Allergies: Nut Allergies can be life-threatening. Please do not send your child to school with nut products in his/her backpack. We want to provide a safe learning environment for everyone.

Traffic/Walking Rules: You must familiarize yourself with the traffic rules around school. The Sheriff’s department will issue citations to violators on city streets. For drop off and pick on school property, the policy is: Do not stop until you reach the cars stopped in front of you. Keep Moving Forward Whenever Possible.

School Visitation Policy: Visitors must show Driver's License at the Attendance or Health Office if picking up a student for an appointment or illness. Please park in the large front lot and stop in at the main office before heading to the Attendance or Health Office. Barriers may block the traffic loop from 8:30 am - 1:45 pm .

Honor Society and CJSF Information: Recognition for academic excellence.

LVUSD Forward Learning Laptop Program details: Information regarding our 1:1 laptop program including Responsible Use Guidelines and Student Device Use Agreement. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you purchase Insurance for district owned laptops or ACER laptops purchased from MJP.


Directory and E-Newsletter sign up, support ACS PFC, and Volunteer Opportunities

Our PFA Board wants to welcome you and your child to A. C. Stelle.

1) PFC Student Directory and E-Newsletter

The PFC uses a one-stop website called MembershipToolkit to keep track of PFC members. If you would like to have your email and/or address in the PFC Student Directory, please click here. In addition, your email address will be used for weekly e-blast and monthly e-Newsletters sent through out the year. If you have questions, the contact info is below.

2) PFC Donor Drive Form OR Donate Online

The PFC Donor Drive is essential for generating funds for Campus Supervisor for safety, electives, technology, after-school tutoring, a Media Center Coordinator, library books, student body support, communication services such as monthly e-newsletters, classroom support and supplies. If you have questions, please feel free to email ACSDonorDrive@gmail.com .

3) PFC Volunteer Google Form Sign Ups HERE

The PFC Volunteers are the backbone of our school activities. If you are interested in volunteering at our school please fill out the form above.

STEP 4: REGISTRATION DAY August 15th - Information and Instructions

Be sure to attend Registration Day so you'll be ready for the first day of school - click on the link for information and instructions.