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Within our Student and Family Site, visitors are able to access the following using the links at the top of the page:

If you have a question related to the material being used in class, we encourage parents/guardians and family members to first contact their child's teacher and/or the front office of their school.

If you are a parent/guardian or community member who would like to review a specific district adopted core resource/text beyond what is posted on this site, please consider the following steps:

Policy IF: USD 453 Request for Review of a Textbook, Instructional Material, or Media Center Material

USD 453 Policy Information and Policy IF Request for Review Form provide more information on the challenge process if a concern with materials exists and is unresolved 

Please note that the material on this site is either available to the public directly from our curricular resource partners or through each individual student's license as rostered by Google/Clever (directions on how to access digital content with your child are included on the individual pages linked at the top of this site).  This is in an effort to make curricular resources transparent while also adhering to potential copyright of the material.