Social emotional support, Education & resources, empowered students.

At LHS we recognize that academic success is closely linked to social and emotional wellness, thus the purpose of the Wellness Center is to provide a physical space for the establishment of mental health supports and the social culture needed for all students to thrive.

Examples of services and programs we offer to all students:

Culture Keepers make it possible to have an intentional culture on campus; one which creates safer spaces at school for students to speak their truths and to listen to others without judgment, both inside and outside of the classroom. They are the leaders who champion mental health through systems and processes, tools and communication, and personal relationships.

Come by the wellness center to learn more in room 105.

Wellness Center staff:

Zachary Radecke - School Counselor and Wellness Center Coordinator

Jade Bohl -School Counselor

Mayra Osorio - Office Specialist

Disclaimer: The links and content on this site are purely for educational and entertainment purposes and are not intended as psychological interventions or as a substitute for psychological treatment. If you are in need of psychological help you should seek the consultation of a licensed mental health professional.