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Attendance must be posted each School Day between 8:00 AM-9:00 PM.
Please note: All attendance entries are timestamped. If you post attendance prior to the school day, your entry will be deleted.

Welcome to Distance Learning in LVISD!

To help support ongoing learning efforts at home, our team has created choice boards for your students. The choice boards are not designed to provide instruction on new material. The goal is to focus on reinforcing foundational skills with your children. Students should begin using choice boards the week of March 23, 2020.

To access the choice board for your student(s), click on the tab for the campus they attend. Tabs are located at the top of the website banner on this page.

If you need help with Distance Learning materials, please email your child's teacher or contact Teacher email addresses can be located on the campus website directory.

Please Note: If you click on a link in a choice board and it asks you to "request access", please do not attempt to request access. Students/Parents can access the linked documents in the Teacher's Google Classroom. Please email your student's teacher if you need help with logging into your student's Google Classroom(s).

For additional questions, please visit the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) tab.

(not a required part of the Distance Learning Program)

LVISD Digital Den

Students at LVISD have access to our newly designed Digital Den powered by ClassLink! The Digital Den is a portal that provides LVISD students with access to online resources that are frequently used in their classrooms. Students login infromation is what they use to login to the chromebooks and computers at school.

CLICK HERE to read more about what APPlications are available to LVISD students via the Digital Den, and how LVISD students log in.

CLICK HERE to log in to the LVISD Digital Den.

Important Update regarding the Digital Den: We are working on a solution for students who would like to access additional learning resources in the Digital Den but do not know their current login information. Please note that you do not need login credentials to access the Distance Learning Portal or the Attendance Site. Please continue to contact No question will go unanswered!