Lenape Valley Regional High School

Special Services Department

Hilary Beirne, Supervisor

Welcome to the Lenape Valley Regional High School Department of Special Services. Our mission is to provide a high quality education to our students with disabilities. We are committed to providing a caring and creative environment , that meets the individual needs of each child.

Our goal is to help our students achieve academic success, while also taking into account their social and emotional development and individual needs. We want our students to develop post-secondary college and career goals, while encouraging positive social, emotional and character development. Case managers work collaboratively with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators and the community at large, to provide a support system that meets the varied needs of our students.

Child Study Team Members

Vicky Hoskin - Transitions Services Coordinator

Sarah Klimek - School Psychologist

Madeline Kreuder - Administrative Assistant for the Child Study Team

Kathleen Lawrence - LDTC

Dina Miller - Social Worker

Kerri Nehlsen - Speech/Language Therapist