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Grade 6

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Paige Emory

Gerlisa Garrett

Dave Smith

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Grade Description, Content and Proficiencies

Welcome to 6th grade at Stowe Middle School. We are a three person team who believe that we need to find the balance between:

  • perseverance with the rigor and grit of a robust curriculum,
  • discovering and sharing new learning strategies to help us be successful with the learning targets and expectations,
  • using social skills to effectively communicate with one another to create a supportive and caring learning environment, and
  • have a growth mindset where we believe in ourselves as life long learnings....

all the while, having fun filled days with plenty of smiles and laughter.

Homework Calendar, Assignments and Scores

The homework calendar, class assignments and assignment scores and feedback are posted in Schoology for all classes. Parents and guardians can view these items by creating a parent account. Instructions on creating a parent account can be found HERE.

Important Grade Information

Note to parents: The more efficient and effective way to communicate with the teachers is to use email. We will be able to respond to any of your concerns if you initiate contact with an email. We are happy to meet with you individually, or as a team. We are here to support you and your student in a variety of ways. Please contact your student's TA teacher first and we will share your information with the team.