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"Parents, guardians, and school leaders helping other parents build a resourceful community to support LS families and students' mental health"

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024 @ 7:30pm

LS Black Box  (room next to LS Auditorium, on the right side)

Hidden in Plain Sight: What are our kids up to?

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Hidden in Plain Sight: 

What are our kids up to? 

Adolescent substance use happens in all communities, including ours. LS Community Connections helps present Hidden in Plain Sight, an interactive display for adults that showcases potential items in a teen’s bedroom that might signal risky behavior or substance use. This display is paired with educational posters and printed materials to increase caregiver awareness and provide resources for starting positive conversations with youth.  Walk through the display and then join us for a conversation with local Law Enforcement about what behaviors they are seeing in our communities, additional thoughts about the mock bedroom and reminders about social hosts laws.

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