Private Lessons

Sky's the limit!
We encourage private lessons for any student looking to better themselves in any musical capacity. Advancement on a musical instrument has cognitive impacts beyond the music classroom. 

Countless studies have been done(link) and it is clear that good musicians have better brains! 

Instrumental  Teachers
Ruthie Stitt: Flute
Susan Styers: Flute
Renee Block: Evesham Flute Studio
Anthony Salicandro: Saxophone + All Woodwinds
Matt Miller: All Woodwinds
Kevin Coltri: All Woodwinds

John Reem: All Brass, French Horn
Nick Lombardelli: Trombone
Tim Aucello: Trumpet
Charlie Barber: Trumpet
Doug Barber: Trumpet
Pam Czekay: Trumpet

Reed Bodenstein
Kyle Lozotte

Joe Aiello: Drum Set/Jazz/Rock
Kevin Blanke: Drum Set/Jazz
Dr. Robert Brosh: Drum Set/Jazz/Rock
Keith Styers: Snare/Mallets/Drum Set

Local Studios
Pinelands Music Academy
3 Trading Post Way, Medford

NJ School of Music - Medford
10 Union St, Medford